Client Testimonials

From students in a course called Thorny Conversation

“Susan is like Boddhisattvas creating conditions for compassion and harmony to flourish in the world. Thanks you so much for doing this much needed and important work and teaching it so beautifully to others.” . . . Gail K

“This class was immensely helpful… [Susan] created a trusting environment for sharing.”

“Susan’s team approach and her sharing of personal stories and use of case examples all worked well.”

Corporate Mediation Client

Susan is trustworthy and….” that comes from …[her] professionalism and ‘gift’ for doing this type of work.” . . . GC

An Adult Sibling and Elder Mediation Client

“It was extremely helpful to have the meeting guided by an impartial voice….each issue was reiterated with positive and constructive feedback…. The difficult subject matter was much more accessible with their help and there is no way we could have had such a positive meeting without their help…..Each of us was able to speak with Susan prior to the meeting and her genuine concern and empathy for the family was clear from that point onward. Everyone felt comfortable that their voice would be heard throughout the process…. [The experience] gave us the opportunity to witness our own potential to calmly share frustrations and resolve concerns with dignity and respect.” . . . David L