Conflict Consulting

Ironically, conflict consulting is the name for an emerging field that recognizes assistance that has been around a long time. We have all had disputes or conflicts and were stymied about what to do. Maybe the conflict was with your siblings about your parents living arrangements or, maybe, the dispute was with one of your best service providers who keeps delivering product late, or it might have been with your work associate about workload. Whatever the conflict it is natural to seek advice from a trusted relative, friend or professional. 

Mediation Partners New England offers consulting by professionals trained in theory, style, intervention techniques suitable for a variety of scenarios. 

Our goal is not to make judgments or solve your problem. Our goal is understand the situation and offer educated advice or active assistance to help you navigate through the issues and arrive at a constructive way forward. Sometimes the conclusion is a mutually agreeable resolution. Other times, it is an agreement to disagree but an approach under which participants can live.

What to expect as you engage MPNE Mediation Services

Interested party contacts MPNE

Initial Consultation & Choice of Service

Mediation Services

  • Business to business disputes
  • Business to customer disputes
  • Elder decisions
  • Adult sibling
  • Organizational

Non Mediation Services

  • Conflict Coaching
  • Negotiation Strategy and/or representation
  • Facilitation

Client Decision to Work with MPNE

Professional Services Agreement Professional Services Agreement (67 KB)

Pre-Mediation Interviews by MPNE

Coaching, Negotiation, or Facilitation Delivered per Agreement


Agreement to Mediate Agreement to Mediate (67 KB)

Mediation Outcome

Mediation Agreement Template Mediation Agreement Template (75 KB)

Post Mediation Evaluation of MPNE Services

Client Evalutation of MPNE Client Evalutation of MPNE (22 KB)