The outcomes of using a professional conflict engagement specialist are many and, surprisingly, may not always include a resolution!

For example in one case two mediators facilitated a day long discussion for a family regarding the disposition of their jointly inherited summer property. It was a lively discussion but a final decision could not be reached. At the end of the day, however, family member after family member each approached the mediators thanking them profusely for a job well done!!! They all said they hadn’t spoken in years and because of the mediators work, they felt heard, understood the issues, and were motivated to work together on a plan to go forward. Some specific outcomes that may result from working with a conflict specialist: 

  • Because people involved in the situation or dispute feel heard and participate in the resolution plan, they are more likely to “buy-in” to the resolution and live by the plans; 
  • A documented agreement often results; it can be as formal as a “memorandum of understanding” or as informal as notes from the meetings. 
  • Often the resulting plan will include dates, identification of responsibilities, and considerations for a contingency if actions do not occur as planned.
  • If appropriate, an outcome can also include an agreement how to resolve future disputes or situations.