Values & Benefits

Peace is "priceless” and working with a conflict engagement specialist provides a higher probability of harmony.

A conflict specialist provides a sense of security and confidence that the difficult situation will be thoughtfully handled. Emotions may still erupt but the specialist will provide leadership and process to navigate the waves. Specifically, the conflict specialist can: 

  •  Organize discussions for thorough, yet timely consideration; 
  •  Work to provide safe discussions while promoting candidness and honesty; 
  •  Promote the identification of needed subject matter experts to ensure that pertinent and accurate information is available for decision making; 
  •  Ensure that all viewpoints and perspectives are heard and considered; 
  •  Develop a process by which the situation is explored and alternatives identified; 
  •  Assist with establishing criteria by which forward movement may occur; 
  •  Oversee decision making; and 
  •  Document outcomes, plans, and responsibilities.