When to Consider It

There is no precise answer about when a conflict professional should be engaged.

Sometimes people are driven to find help when seemingly all avenues are exhausted and tension is high. Others are more pro-active and seek help to avoid potential conflict. Whatever the timing, Mediation Partners New England can help with: 

  • Analysis of vendor problems in your business and assist in crafting the conversation and plan to turn the situation around; 
  • Sensitive but needed family conversations about elder parents living arrangements; 
  • Emotionally laden consequences of estate decisions that leave family members at odds with each other; 
  • Carefully planning an uncomfortable discussion with your manager; 
  • Multiple and disagreeing positions with an association, organization, or even place of worship which are impeding progress or decision making; and 
  • Sensitive situations that need careful thought and planning to reduce the likelihood of potentially impacted groups or individuals feeling taken advantage of, uncared for, or even ignored.