Tools & Resources

MPNE will use a variety of tools to meet the needs of its clients.

Face-to-face meetings:

MPNE consultants will meet in person with clients that prefer a personal approach. The meeting location will be mutually agreed either at public facilities or private meetings rooms jointly determined.

Telephone Conferencing:

When more than consultant needs to meet with two or more people, a conference call will be arranged at no expense to the client.

Video Conference:

For clients that are comfortable with technology and have high speed internet connections, the consultant can arrange video conferencing sessions using SKYPE®, Google Hangouts, or ADOBE® Connect among others.

Online Mediation Tools:

The mediation field is evolving and on the horizon are online tools that will facilitate mediation. Today, it is possible to mediate using just email or a sophisticated tool package called MODRIA®. Though several possibilities already exist, MPNE is committed to remaining current and finding the best solution to meet specific clients’ needs.

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