Have you or your company ever been faced with a tough negotiation? Or, perhaps you are responsible for a negotiation for the first time in your career. Mediation Partners New England is experienced in assisting you with needs analysis plus negotiation strategy and tactics. If needed, MPNE can participate or lead in the negotiations on your behalf. MPNE undertands that negotiation is an art based on analytics and has over twenty years of experience applying both to small to multi-million dollar national contracts, We can be a strong silent or active partner to help you achieve the agreement you desire.

Value and Benefits

The benefits of employing MPNE for your next contract negotiation include:

  • Leverage of the skills and talents of experienced negotiators;
  • The capacity to perform background analysis or confirm that which has already been completed;
  • Testing your planned approach or working with you to craft your strategy and tactics;
  • Experienced coaching to a staff with nascent negotiation skills;
  • Creative ideas on approaches and possible terms;
  • Skilled and committed talent representing you at the table; and
  • Attention to substance details ensuring preparation is thorough, process details tracked and closed, and the final contract accurate and complete.


The outcome will be a contract that represents your interests and requirements while:

  • Ensuring there is a positive, constructive relationship with counter parts;
  • With support from your resources, meeting your timeframes; and
  • At the same time delivering timely and thorough communications so that you are confident during the process and with the final agreement.

Example Cases

  1. You’ve negotiated contracts before but this one is different. You’d like to take advantage of projection that the industry’s price point will fall over the next few years though you’d also like to explore a long term commitment that should produce favorable terms. You would value some help with analysis, review of terms and strategy.

  2. For a variety of reasons your firm has decided to renew a contract with a difficult vendor. You have been asked to lead the negotiations and get the best deal possible. You’re experienced and you know if the negotiations are structured with a win-lose frame of mind, you may get a good contract but life with the vendor will be even more challenging because of low margins or onerous terms. You’d like assistance with preparing for the negotiation and getting buy-in from management on goals. You’d also like support of a professional negotiator around the table during the negotiations.

  3. You’re the head counsel for the firm and you usually do all the contract negotiations. Your plate is full at the moment yet there is a large contract that has to be negotiated in the next four months. Your staff is already working long hours. Based on the negotiation goals you’ve identified, you are looking for a trusted, experienced professional to lead the negotiations on your behalf. You need a reliable and easy to work with negotiator that can take your direction, add a dose of creativity and initiative, and run with the negotiations but keep in synch with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Negotiation