• Commercial Mediation

    For firms on the brink of a dispute or in the middle of one, this service orchestrates constructive discussions designed to build agreements that each firm finds acceptable.

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  • Elder and Adult Sibling

    Mediation can heal bruised relationships and set the family on a constructive path forward.

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  • Negotiation Services

    A skilled negotiator works with you to craft negotiation strategy and tactics that is likely to yield an agreement that meets your specific needs.

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  • Conflict Coaching

    Are you in the midst of a thorny conflict or do you typically lose your cool when experiencing a difference of opinion? A conflict coach works with you to identify ways to improve your personal performance.

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  • Project & Meeting Facilitation

    Professional facilitation assists you in planning an effective meeting that will more likely achieve the desired outcomes.

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Mediation Partners of New England

Serving clients throughout six New England states:
New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine & Rhode Island.

Susan has focused energy, a sincere and trustworthy presence, and a strong ability to assist parties in analyzing the situation while encouraging them to come up with answers that are not only feasible, but often times benefit each party. Susan's practice has been shaped by both professional and family experiences including 30 years in a variety of business and organizational settings such as finance, insurance, technology, restaurants, small businesses, and family businesses as well as experience with not-for-profits such community foundations, higher education, art cooperatives, and religious communities. On a personal note, Susan grew up in a large extended family, are now is part of a blended family, and has worked through inter-generational issues.

MPNE specializes in several services which include:

The mediation process isn’t a recipe that can be learned in a 40 hour course. Mediation is a subtle yet organized approach with a goal to weave a platform that will in turn generate ideas and alternatives from which solutions may evolve. At MPNE, the platform is constructed by identifying inter-relationships between the parties. These inter-relationships emanate as a result of discerning the parties’ camouflaged interests. Interests are typically clouded by a party’s material demands.

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Susan Schweizer, the founder of and principal at Mediation Partners New England

Susan Schweizer is the founder and principal of Mediation Partners of New England. They are members of the national, New England, and New Hampshire Associations for Conflict Resolution.

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