About MPNE

Though MPNE is an LLC registered in New Hampshire, we will work with clients throughout six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, & Vermont.

Located off Route 89, we have a small office in Grantham, New Hampshire but will travel to your chosen location or consult on the phone or via video connections such as Adobe® Connect ™, Skype®, or Google + Hangout. Soon we will be announcing a mediation service that occurs online and is particularly suited to people located in a variety of time zones.

What to expect as you engage MPNE Mediation Services

Interested party contacts MPNE

Initial Consultation & Choice of Service

Mediation Services

  • Business to business disputes
  • Business to customer disputes
  • Elder decisions
  • Adult sibling
  • Organizational

Non Mediation Services

  • Conflict Coaching
  • Negotiation Strategy and/or representation
  • Facilitation

Client Decision to Work with MPNE

Professional Services Agreement Professional Services Agreement (67 KB)

Pre-Mediation Interviews by MPNE

Coaching, Negotiation, or Facilitation Delivered per Agreement


Agreement to Mediate Agreement to Mediate (67 KB)

Mediation Outcome

Mediation Agreement Template Mediation Agreement Template (75 KB)

Post Mediation Evaluation of MPNE Services

Client Evalutation of MPNE Client Evalutation of MPNE (22 KB)